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DKJ Series Actuator

Product Description

1.Introduce France Bernard technology
2.Input/output 4-20mA
3.Long service life
Voltage 220V or 380V
6.Modulating Type or On-off Type

 Principle of work
The DKJ series electric valve actuator are the terminal control device of industrial process survey and the control system, changing the system's control signal into angular displacement, the position of valve and other regulating units. The main purpose is to enable the controlled medium to work well under the regulated system conditions.
The electric valve actuator is divided into the proportion type and integral type according to the controlling type. The proportion actuator is made up of electric servo amplifier and integral type actuator that can compare systematic control signal with the feedback signal (closed-loop control) of output axis so as to change the travel route and has proportion relations with the output axis signal. The integral actuator consists of servo motor, reducer and position transmitter. Coordinating with motor operator, it can control valve or other regulating units from long distant.
Common series electric actuator model number and outlook dimensional drawing
DKJ Quarter-turn actuator(outdoor, electric formula, explosion-proof and explosion-proof electric formula see the table.)
Type0—10mA    Type4—20mA
DKJ-210                  DKJ-2100
DKJ-310                  DKJ-3100
DKJ-410                  DKJ-4100
DKJ-510                  DKJ-5100
DKJ-610A               DKJ-6100A
DKJ-610                  DKJ-6100
DKJ-710                  DKJ-7100
The main technical parameters of the electric actuator DKJ series electric valve actuator are manufactured according to the PRC's GB11922-89 standard
 1. Input signal: electric type: 4--20mA DC or 0--10mA DC; common type: on-off signal
2. Input resistance: 250 Ω or 200 Ω
3. Input passage: common type 3 amplifiers; electric type -1 amplifier
4. Basic error: 2.5%
5. Deviation:  ≤1.5%
6. Deadline:  ≤3%
7. Damping characteristic: ≤ three and half period
8. Power supply: single-phase 220V 50Hz,three-phase 380V 50Hz
9. Operating environment: temperature: -10-- +50
Humidity ≤95% the surrounding air does not include the corrosive elements.
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