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Intelligence Actuator

Motor:Entire seal mouse cage type asynchronous machine. It has big force at start moment and small inertia, and can be appropriate to all kinds of valve system. The motor equips a hot protector, and can be one phase power supply motor or three phases power supply motor.

Observation window:It's transparent, and through it you can observe the continual position instruction provided by the instructor.

Position indicator: The bell display directly assembly on the main axle, used for the dynamic instruction valve the positional information.

Intelligence control unit:The control unit uses the brand-new integrated SOC chip, has the man-machine dialogue function, and highly intellectualized degree.

Wire connection plug:The wiring way used in the HKJ/HKJM range actuator has met the plug-in unit. Wires from outsider are all connected to the plug. So there is no necessary to disconnect a wire but tear off the plug, when to dismantle the actuator or maintenance. The plug is waterproofing and explosion-proof. This design avoids reconnecting the wires and preventing the wiring error.

Torque protector:to provide the over-load protection.

Thrust force unit:The thrust force unit including the foundation and the actuation wrap. Setup of foundation conforms to the ISO5211 standard. The actuation wrap can be easily connected to all kinds of valve shafts.

Worm reduction gear:Precise worm gear and worm bearing adjuster reduction gear, has small clearance, high efficient, long life, low noise (max: 50dB), and self-lock function that can avoid reverse rotation when power off or signal lost suddenly.

Switch handle:this equipment permit switch between electrical operation and manual electrical operation mutually.

Manual operation:After press the switch handle to manual operation position, the actuator can be operated by the handwheel. The switch handle will be automatically switched to electrical operation model when motor works.

Handwheel: the size design of the handwheel guarantees security and laborsaving.

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